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The Nancing Pony was founded as a website in March 2003 in response to the annoying squeals of fangirls and relentless Legolas advertisements and paraphernalia.

This community is meant to be a place where you can rant about fangirls, annoying actors like Orlando Bloom, post snarky news, comics, or anything else you think is appropriate. (Doesn't have to be LotR related.) Also we use this community to update news relating to The Nancing Pony website.

Some information about the website (taken from the Disclaimer):

The website is mostly a bunch of bad jokes and pitiful attempts at witty sarcasm through the anonymity of the internet. But what else would you expect from two Straight White Adolescents Girls?
It's not like we have all day to sit around trying to be funny, you know. We weren't born for people to laugh at. We have actual work to do.

This site is supposed to be funny. (In theory.) You don't have to laugh -- but you don't have to look at this site, either. So if it offends you, and you're upset, then leave. And if it offends you, and you're upset, and you're Obie/Elijah/etc ... have your people call our people, and they'll do lunch or summat. As for everyone else: we know we're camp. We know we're taking as many cheap shots as possible. It's our right -- and therefore all flames will be forwarded around to our friends for their own amusement. So be forewarned.
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