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Friday 9.09
Shakira drops her premiere, Elijah Wood hangs out and we check in with Fall Out Boy!

I expect all the remaining Nancers in NY to strike back full force.


Elijah Wood is addicted to hit TV show Lost because he loves watching his Lord Of The Rings co-star Dominic Monaghan.

The 24-year-old actor tuned in to the plane crash drama out of loyalty to his fellow hobbit - but quickly found himself hooked on the American TV series.

Wood, who played Frodo in the fantasy trilogy, says, "I watched the Lost series in the US and it's great."

"I'm proud of Dominic. We're good friends."

from: http://www.teenhollywood.com/d.asp?r=105519&cat=

How cute...

Aug. 28th, 2005

In honor of Billy Boyd's birthday, we've uploaded the new layout of the nancing pony. I hope you all enjoy it!
Calling all comic artists!!

The Nancing Pony wants to create a section on the site dedicated to Fandom (SW, HP, LOTR) Web Comics!

So if you or anyone you know runs a webcomic dedicated to or mentioning those fandoms, we'd love to host them,
just have them e-mail us!
"Me prancing around onstage? That's not going to happen." - Elijah Wood

Hollywood heartthrob Orlando Bloom is still dating actress Kate Bosworth and is only "friends" with Sienna Miller, according to the actor's sister. The Lord Of The Rings star, 28, and Beyond The Sea beauty, 22, announced they were ending their two-year relationship in January to concentrate on their careers, but were spotted together in March. Last month Bloom flew to Sydney, Australia to visit Bosworth on the set of Superman Returns, where she had reportedly struck up a brief romance with director's assistant Lundi Shackleton. Sydney newspapers claimed Bosworth ended her fling to reunite with Bloom. After Bloom was photographed cuddling up to ex-lover Miller - only a week after she discovered her fiance Jude Law had cheated on her with his children's nanny - his actress sister Samantha Bloom insists her famous brother is only in love with Bosworth. Samantha says, "They've been together for two years and they are still very much together. Of course they (Sienna and Orlando) kissed - they are friends and he always kisses his friends.
Lord Of The Rings star Sean Astin and his wife Christine are celebrating after welcoming their third daughter into the world on Friday. Isabella Louise was born a month premature weighing 5 pounds, 4 ounces, but was still well enough to join the couple and their two other children - Alexandra, eight, and Elizabeth, two - at home in Los Angeles the day after she arrived. Astin's spokesman David Lust tells People magazine, "Mom and baby are fine and everyone is very happy." Astin, 34, and Christine, 35, have been married since 1992.


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